VBC-Biotech & Eurofins Genomics have established a joint company in Vienna
Eurofins Genomics AT

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We are very happy to announce that VBC Biotech and Eurofins Genomics have established a joint company – Eurofins Genomics AT, located in Vienna. All VBC-Biotech's services have been integrated into the Eurofins Genomics business units.

Please visit eurofinsgenomics.eu to place your order or contact us at

+43-1-7966572-0 (office Vienna)
0800-296562 (free phone)
for more information

Press release

Eurofins Genomics is a global leader in the field of DNA and RNA technologies with production sites in Europe, US, Japan and India. The merger with Eurofins Genomics enables us to provide you with many benefits and additional services.

Experience the power of DNA

With the combined power of our international network of Eurofins companies, we have established an outstanding team of experts and a broad range of technologies around 5 core business lines:

Our services are tailored for pharma, diagnostics, agriculture, food, biotechnology and research applications worldwide.

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